‘Aunt Jemima’ Brand Faces Backlash Over New Name

Aunt Jemima’s new name, Pearl Milling Company, has faced backlash online from users for sounding more like “gravel mining company” or “a James Bond villain.”

Twitter users quickly shared their feelings on the matter, with some threatening to switch to its competitors, Mrs. Butterworth’s or Log Cabin, because of the new name.

Another person wrote that the Pearl Milling Company sounded like “something owned by a James Bond Villain.”

Another person commented: “Pearl Milling Company? Sounds like a generic house brand for Dollar General.”
Several users said that they would boycott the company altogether.

“Sadly I would never recognize it and will probably go to Log Cabin,” one person wrote.
Photo Credit: New York Post

“They really changed the name of Aunt Jemima syrup to Pearl Milling Company?! Like they really couldn’t think of a better name than that?! I’m sticking with Mrs. Butterworth’s from now on bc she thicc & rich, also doesn’t have a dumbass name,” another person commented.

The Aunt Jemima brand announced its name change following intense backlash for using a “racial stereotype” as basis for its syrup mascot.

The logo was created based on the 19th century “mammy” minstrel character – a black woman content to serve her white masters.
Photo Credit: New York Post

Pearl Milling Company is a reference to the small Missou
Photo Credit: New York Post

ri mill that produced the pancake mix – later branded Aunt Jemima – in 1889.

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