My Husband Made a Menu and Demands That I Cook Him Meals from It Every Day

Sarah, a hardworking project manager, balanced her job and home life, while her husband Tom, an accountant, worked regular hours. One evening, Sarah found a gourmet menu on the fridge, demanding she cook extravagant meals. Furious, she confronted Tom, who dismissed her concerns.

“I thought it would be nice to have some variety,” Tom said, oblivious to the extra strain on Sarah.

“Enjoy it?” Sarah snapped. “I barely have time to eat, let alone cook gourmet meals. I need help, not more work.”

Tom, taken aback, retorted, “I handle the bills, the yard work, the car maintenance. You think that’s nothing?”

Sarah explained, “It’s not about quitting your job; it’s about sharing responsibilities. Cooking gourmet meals is unrealistic.”

Determined to prove her point, Sarah hired Chef Martin with Tom’s new car savings. On Friday, Tom came home to the aroma of Beef Wellington. As he ate, Chef Martin emerged, asking, “Is there something wrong with the beef, sir?”

Tom, shocked, asked, “Who are you?”

“This is Chef Martin,” Sarah said. “I hired him to cook this meal to show you how demanding it is.”

Tom realized his mistake. “I’m sorry, Sarah. I didn’t consider the work it would take.”

From then on, they planned meals together, sharing the cooking and creating simple, delicious dishes, strengthening their relationship.

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