‘OMG!’ Boy Accidentally Meets His Mom He Thought Had Died Years Ago – Story of the Day

Lisa planned to push Henry away but not before robbing him. “But, my love,” Henry said, “I can’t promise it’ll remain quiet after we get there…if you catch my drift,” he chuckled. Lisa forced a smile and ordered a drink. The bartender, knowing she avoids alcohol with ‘gentlemen,’ served her Coke.

As Lisa enjoyed her drink, Henry succumbed to his whiskey. Lisa quickly grabbed his hotel room keys and took him to his room, where she drugged him. She searched his pockets, finding only $70, and then rummaged through his suitcase, discovering a wad of cash just as the door burst open.

“What the hell!” A young man charged at her, twisting her arms. “How did you get in? Who are you?”

“Leave me alone!” she cried. “It’s none of your business, boy!”

“Wait! Is your name Elizabeth?” the man asked, loosening his grip. “You’re my mother!”

Lisa’s face turned pale. “This…this can’t be! You can’t be my son!” But she knew it was true.

Twenty years ago, Lisa left her family to pursue her dreams, despite her husband Steve’s protests. “We have a young boy at home, Lisa! Aaron’s only six!” Steve argued. But Lisa left, aiming to make a name for herself in Miami.

In Miami, Lisa’s initial success was overshadowed by a dark turn. She accepted a manager’s condition to sleep with him for career advancement, leading to her estrangement from her family. She couldn’t face her husband and son again.

In the present, Lisa tearfully apologized to her son Aaron, who revealed his father had passed away. “I’m sorry, Aaron,” she sobbed. Aaron comforted her, suggesting they start fresh. He introduced her to his band, offering her a chance to be a part of his life again.


  • Life’s greatest wealth is having loved ones around you. Lisa’s pursuit of her dreams cost her family.
  • Becoming blinded by materialistic pursuits can lead to losing valuable things in life. Lisa ignored warnings and lost almost everything. Only Aaron’s forgiveness gave her a second chance.

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