Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer Garner for her tragic loss

Jennifer Garner, a successful Hollywood actress, recently shared on social media that her father, William John “Billy” Garner, passed away at the age of 85. Despite her fame, Garner has always stayed close to her parents. Her father, who graduated with degrees in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University, worked for Union Carbide as a chemical engineer.

Garner honored her parents’ 59th wedding anniversary in a blog post, thanking them for ensuring a safe and happy childhood for her and her sisters. She wrote, “Happy 59th wedding anniversary to my loving and sweet parents!”

Jennifer Garner looks down in the dumps and weepy | Daily Mail Online

William Garner, who was treated at Charleston Area Medical Center and City of Hope, passed away peacefully surrounded by his family. Garner expressed her gratitude for her father’s “kind nature and quiet strength” and acknowledged the support from the medical staff that extended his life.

Who Was Jennifer Garner's Father William John Garner? Know More About Him  Following His Death At 85 | PINKVILLA

Jennifer reminisced, “My dad died in peace on Saturday afternoon. The death of an 85-year-old man who lived a healthy, happy life is not a tragedy, but I know that grief is inevitable.” She highlighted her father’s legacy, leadership, and strong work ethic, and shared her gratitude for the loving family memories he left behind.

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